4 Great Occasions For Funny Wine Glasses With Sayings

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Being an adult doesn't have to be all work and no play. Getting together to share drinks with friends and loved ones is a great way to celebrate any event, and novelty wine glasses can be a fantastic addition. Boost the fun at your party and release your inner child! Here are a few ideas for fun get-togethers made better with clever wine glasses:

1. Wedding Reception

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with another person is a very solemn occasion, but the after-party doesn't have to be! Spice up the evening with some wacky wine glasses with fun sayings. Romantic wine glasses with risque jokes are sure to make the bride and groom smile. Make their special night even more memorable.

2. Baby Shower

Funny wine glasses with sayings about parenthood are sure to be a hit at any baby shower. Order some novelty wine glasses for the party and toast the new baby in style! Bring some sparkling cider to ensure that the expectant mother gets to join in. After the party, you can gift the wine glasses to parents-to-be, so they can enjoy the glasses in the years to come.

3. Girl's Night In

Going out can be expensive, so why not have a girl's night in as a fun alternative? Grab your best girlfriends, a few bottles of wine, and some silly novelty glasses. Chilled white wine is sure to be a hit and funny woman-themed sayings are bound to get laughs from the group. For extra fun, bring your favorite romantic comedy and make a movie night of it too!

4. Birthday Party

Many people start to dread birthdays after a certain age, but getting older doesn't have to be a bad thing! Celebrate another successful year with good food, good company, and good wine! Grab some funny "Over the Hill" wine glasses for a 50th birthday party. Funny birthday sayings can add levity to an already fun occasion. If you want to add a little festive flair to your party, try making sangria. All you need is some fresh fruit, fruit juice, and your red wine of choice. Novelty wine glasses will bring the sass, and the sangria will bring the flavor!

Lighten up your next event and have fun with novelty wine glasses with humorous sayings. Wine is great on its own, but you can make it even better with a great glass. Bring pizzazz to your next party!