Fun Gender Reveal Ideas To Announce Your Baby's Sex

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If you are awaiting the birth of your newborn baby, and you know what their sex is because of tests you had conducted at your doctor's office, consider hosting a party to share the results of the baby's sex to your loved ones. Here are a few fun ways to announce your baby's sex to friends and family during a gender reveal party.

Create Balloon Centerpieces To Reveal The Surprise

Construct a balloon centerpiece to place in the middle of each table where guests will enjoy a meal or snacks. Before you blow up the balloons, place a rolled up piece of construction paper inside each one. Use a pink piece of paper if you are having a girl or a blue piece if you are having a boy. If you are having multiples, place more than one piece of colored paper in each balloon. Use pink and blue balloons for the centerpiece, taping them together to construct a mound of color. At a designated time, have each guest remove a balloon from the centerpiece and ask them to sit upon it so it pops. It will be exciting to see everyone reaching for the piece of paper to hold up, indicating the answer to the secret you have kept.

Cut A Cake To Alert Others Of The Baby's Gender

Have a bakery make an elaborate cake to share with guests at the party. Place this on a table in view of everyone as they mingle to increase the anticipation of a bite to eat later on. When it becomes time for the big reveal, cut the cake in front of onlookers. The icing will cover a pink or blue cake, showing everyone the big answer when it is sliced. If you are having multiples, have the bakery use pink or blue cake in separate sections. Cut each section to reveal each baby's sex. Another idea is to bake cupcakes and add red or blue food coloring to tint the batter.

Open A Box Full Of Balloons To Let The Answer Fly

Set up a large cardboard box to use for the reveal portion of your party. Decorate the exterior with pink and blue wrapping paper to make it appear like a large gift.. Use a helium tank to fill pink or blue balloons to match your baby's sex. If you are having multiples, you can write, "baby #1", "baby #2", etc. on each colored balloon, matching the appropriate color to the gender of each baby. Open the box in front of the crowd, letting the surprise soar for all to appreciate.

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