3 Places To Host An Active, Fun Birthday Party For Your Kid

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If your son or daughter has a birthday coming up, and you are looking for a cool indoor party idea that will also provide them with exercise, then this article will give you a few ideas.

Below are three places where you can host your kid's birthday party. Each will get them moving around and also be lots of fun. It's a fun, healthy alternative to sitting around eating cake and playing video games.

Bumper Bowling

Bumper bowling is great for very young kids. They don't have to be skilled at bowling in order to knock down the pins. Inflatable bumpers are placed in the gutters that prevent the balls from "striking" out.

Many bowling alleys offer birthday party packages. These include special lane time, pizza, and a hostess that will bring food to the area. Some bowling alleys have special areas set-aside for parties.

Some alleys also offer a "glow in the dark" special. They light up the lanes with neon colors. You can still see clearly, it's just that the regular lights are switched off and neon lights (blues, red, oranges) are used to illuminate the lanes. Often times the pins are iridescent. It might be a bit scary for the youngest kids, so this might be better for ages 10 and up.

Indoor Paintball

Older kids, and young teenagers, will love paintball. There are indoor courses that are set up with obstacles, and staging areas that allow teams to compete against one another. The course will have areas of "cover" where players can hide from opponents paintball fire.

The most common game is "capture the flag." Two teams are set up, and each one has a flag. The opposing team has to get their enemies' flag and bring it back to their home base. Players shoot at the opposing team and when they hit them with paint, they are "out".

The staff will provide both equipment and referees. The referees will monitor the game and alert those who have been "shot" that they are out for the session.

Laser Tag

If you're concerned about the safety of paintball, then a great alternative is laser tag. Your kids will still get to play games like capture the flag, but there is no risk of injury. They will wear small electronic devices that respond to the "lasers" shot by the guns. These "lasers" are actually infrared beams that are emitted from the toy guns when the trigger is pulled. There is no risk of getting blinded from these "lasers".

This is a great game for kids 6 and up. You can even have parents participate on the teams if there are little kids who need assistance.

Often, the same places that offer paintball will also have a laser tag areas. These are kept separate and there is no risk of someone wandering onto the course and shooting off a real paint ball.