Three Fun Balloon Ideas For An Outdoor Children's Birthday Party

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If there is one thing that should not be missing at a child's birthday party, it is balloons. Balloons just naturally announce that there is a birthday, but they are also a lot of fun--especially when you put a few creative ideas to good use. If your youngster has a birthday coming up in the summer months and you are planning an outdoor bash, there are a few party balloon decorations ideas that you will definitely want to know about that could prove to be a lot of fun.

Build a balloon arch using just string and a BUNCH of balloons.

Balloon arches are often spotted at indoor events, but for an outdoor event, the sight of a balloon arch is bound to get every child in the neighborhood attracted to the party. Balloon arches are actually really simple to make. You will need a helium tank for filling the balloons, several bags of helium-quality balloons in your choice of colors, and string. As the balloons are inflated, tie them closed and tie them together in bundles of three or four. Tie each bundle together in a line until you get a line of balloon bundles long enough to create a solid arch. Tie each end of the arch down with a hefty stake in the ground.

Create a wall of paint balloons.

If your child has an artistic side, a wall of paint balloons will be a lot of fun at their birthday party. Tack up a large piece of craft paper on a piece of plywood or hang a white piece of fabric from the clothesline. Add several drops of water-soluble craft paint to balloons before they are filled with regular air and then tie them off and tape them to the paper or fabric. You can hold dart-throwing contests with the attendees and end up with a massive piece of splatter art when the party is over.

Add water balloon passing challenges to the party game schedule.

If you don't mind water being involved in your child's outdoor party, water balloon passing challenges can be a whole lot of fun. In this game, participants are required to pass over-stuffed water balloons back and forth or around a circle. When the balloon busts on someone, that person is considered 'out' and must exit the lineup. The game continues until all players are eliminated and the last one standing dry takes the prize.