4 Team Building Activities You Can Do To Build Rapport Between Your Employees

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If you have a group of employees whose productivity could benefit from better teamwork, you may be looking for ways to get them to "gel" better. Rather than in-house classes or boring exercises, why not give them a fun activity to do together? Here are four great options you can use to build teamwork with your staff.


If you've ever been in a canoe with another person, you know how important teamwork is to perform the simplest maneuvers. Your team can learn to work together and have a blast outdoors with a day of canoeing.

Are your employees canoeing newbies? Hire an instructor for an hour or two before sending them on their way. Pair up people who don't normally work or socialize together, and make sure everyone switches roles between leaders and followers when directing the boats. You can even have a little race at the end to make it extra exciting.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another way to get folks out of the office and working as team, and it doesn't cost any money. Divide workers up into teams of two, three, or four, and give them a list of items to find. Then, let them loose on Main Street or in the mall, and see who completes their list first. Make the finish line an ice cream parlor or a tavern to end the day on a high note.

Parlor Games

Like scavenger hunts, parlor games are another old-fashioned way of building teamwork without people realizing they're doing it. Some good options include:

Parlor games are perfect for company retreats or out of town meetings when you're staying at a hotel and have time to fill in the evening. Like scavenger hunts, they won't break the bank either.

Escape Rooms

For a trendy, high-tech version of the classic parlor game, you could try an escape room. You may have seen versions of escape rooms in video games, where you have to uncover clues hidden in a locked room to escape from it. Real-life escape rooms play on the same concept.

To make the most from an escape room with your employees, make sure to book all the tickets, so you have the room to yourselves. Divide everyone up into teams, and like the aforementioned canoe trip, make sure everyone gets a turn to be the leader.

Some escape room facilities have multiple rooms. You could reserve several sessions in different rooms to allow your employees to team up with a new group of people and test out teamwork skills they learned in the previous room.

Your workplace will likely function much more smoothly if your employees have a strong team rapport. Try the activities above, and you just might start a new tradition at your company that you can use time and again for great results.